The present Conditions are made to regulate and are applicable to the website and all booking windows use that you just join by Strapless Kite & Surf School, from its own site

For the purpose of use of this portal the User, the one agree, and from the moment the user join the portal, the plain adhesion and without reserve of all in all of the General Conditions published by Strapless Kite & Surf School. The user accept every single Condition of Use, specially the ones stablished about the responsibility limitation of Strapless Kite & surf School. So, the User must read carefully the General Conditions of Use in every single occasion that the user wants to join the website, because the ones could suffer changes from the last user`s access.

Strapless Kite & surf School reserves its own right of modifying the commercial offer presented on the Website ( modifications over services, prices , promotions and other commercial and service conditions ) at any time and without any previous advice. The Entity does not warrantee the good function of the website at any case.

The user state that is over 18 years old , and is on his/her own legal capability of acquiring the services offered by the website Strapless Kite & surf School. The client, as physic and as juristic person, states that have the legal capability of acquiring the services offered by the present website and that, in case of been physic person, is over 18 years old.

The Internet make possible to give access, to children under 18 years old, to contents that might be inappropriate for them, and we want to advice and inform the users that there are mechanism that you can use to limit the contents access for the ones under the legal age, as can be a Parental Filter. Parents, legal representative or tutors are the only ones responsible of the acts that be committed, or the contents and services that the ones you have in charge can access.

At the purchase of any booking it is supposed that you have read and accepted all the sales present conditions. You can print a copy out of the present document as your like , with the purpose of making future references easier , and so your knowledge.



Strapless Kite & surf School services are only valid for adults and children over 8 years old and at least 30 Kg heavy.

The special prices for children are only valid for children under 14 years old.

The practice of any of the services offered by Strapless Kite & surf School involve to read and accept the terms and conditions in reference of accident and responsibility insurance.



Strapless Kite & surf School supply the users services and services who visit the website in own name and at its own account.

Users must know that the booking of services and services mentioned before, are regulated by specific contractual conditions, pointed at the Law of ordination for minor commerce for all distance bookings.



The services offered by Strapless Kite & surf School are sent straight away by E-mail once the booking is made successfully.

To proceed to book any of our services at Strapless Kite & surf School the client does not need to be registered, but just need to choose the service that want to acquire and fill up the form with all details about name, dates of arrival and departure, number of persons and the booked course.

Once all the forms are sent, the client must do the correct reservation fee payment, which will be discounted from the final price once the client start the course. The rest of communications between Strapless Kite & surf School and the Client will take place by E-mail or by any method agreed by the parties. That easy and fast you can book with Strapless Kite & surf School.

For the booking traits , use a SSL Server (Secure Server Layer) which encrypts all data sent between the customer´s navigation server and our server. That way, we can asure the privacy and confidentiality of any transaction been made with Strapless Kite & surf School.

At the moment of the reserve,we will send you back the bill of the reserve made and asure the reception of the reserve at Strapless Kite & surf School and, if that would be the case, the reception of the payment made.



All prices of services commerced by Strapless Kite & surf School are expressed in Euros(€) and with taxes included. The prices can vary at any time and without previous advice to the client, and will be always presented on our website.

At the prices shown at the services forms, can exist some errors , or have been modified. In that case, Strapless Kite & surf School will inform the client of that circumstances and will not proceed with the booking , if is not with the customer´s consent.



The services offered by Strapless Kite & surf School are payable straight away at the Sports Center, except of the online bookings, when it is necessary the anticipated payment asked for every sport booked.

for the commerce of its services Strapless Kite & surf School gives our clients the following payment methods:

  1. Payment by credit or debit card VISA or MASTERCARD : The charge at the card will take place when you proceed the booking. In that case, the booking of any service will be only effective at the moment that Strapless Kite & surf School receives the valid payment by the Safety Site Paypal, been possible until that moment to be cancelled by Strapless Kite & surf School.
  2. Bank Transfer : You must transfer the full amount of the reserve to the Bank account shown by Strapless Kite & surf School. The booking will be only effective at the moment that Strapless Kite & surf School receive the validated charge.



Strapless Kite & surf School is able to launch ¨Offers and Promotions¨ of our services at reduced prices, been able in occasions to include service packages.

Those promotions and Offers will be valid meanwhile they are published at the website, there is still available stock and will be ruled by the present conditions.



If the client cancel the booking at least 48 Hrs before the arrival, there will not be cancellation charges. In case that the cancellation is made 24 Hrs before arrival, then the refund will be the 50 % of your booking payment.

For any refund you must contact the customer service by E-mail to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., showing full name, reply E-mail address and why you would like to have a refund.