By the purpose of making effective the deliver of the products and services that will be commercialized, and/or giving answer to the solicited information, Strapless Kite & Surf School will proceed to the personal data withdrawal, which will be treated of conformity with the one stablished at the current policy related to the Personal Data Protection and the rest of legislation of development. The sent Data will be included in an automatized personal data file that have been inscribed in the Data Protection Agency at the name of Juan Francisco Cabrera del Rosario, with DNI 44314236-K. With the finality of giving possibility to the service to proceed, the client fully consent the given of his/hers personal data content at an automatized file with the exclusive purpose of its use for bills, deliver a booking and commercial contact.

The User give his/her full consent for the use of his/her Data kept just for the finality previewed at the sentence before described and that will be effective. The User is at the same time informed that the possibility of giving practice of the rights recognized by the order by the following E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The recovered and stored Data by Strapless Kite & Surf School will be processed exclusively for the correct delivery of the purchased service and for the service post to send. Once the one has been done, Strapless Kite & Surf School, will proceed to delete all kept data, and will not be store, in consequence, at any magnetic format.



The Information that will be content at our website is offered for Users convenience , however, the information content at the website can be not precise, can have mistakes or any kind of errors. Strapless Kite & Surf School does not warrant the precision or viability of the information or the website´s content. We are putting all our effort to give a truly and precise information and website´s content without typographic mistakes. In case that at any case any of these mistakes will take place, out of responsibility of Strapless Kite & Surf School,we will proceed immediately to its correction. In case that any of these typographic mistakes will take place at any of the shown prices, and any customer who took the decision of purchase the booking , based on this error, we will promptly communicate the client the error and the client will have the right of cancel the booking without any cost by his/her part.

Users will use the website just and only for private and particular use. Users will not be allowed to copy, play , transmit or distribute at any purpose the content this website or the services that can get trough them, without the written consent of Strapless Kite & Surf School.



Strapless Kite & Surf School pretends to present his online sales to its clients. One of our goals is to keep up to date, truly and exact offered information. We will push up to keep on correcting errors that will be shown along, so please, send us your comments or feedbacks.

However, Strapless Kite & Surf School does not assume responsibility in relation to:

  1. The existence of any fail of access , that can provoke an interruption related to the website and its function, whatever is its nature, any dangerous element, or a third party intervention.
  2. The Intelectual and Industrial Property Rights infraction, of the commercial secrets, of contractual compromises of any kind, of the honor rights, for the personal and familiar confidentiality and man’s Image, of the property rights and any other nature belonging to a third party as a consequence of transmission , diffusion ,storage, disposition,reception, obtention or access to the website and its contents.
  3. The acts of illicit publicity , unfair competence as conscience of transmission, diffusion, storage, disposition, reception, obtention or access to the website and its contents.
  4. The possible fail of accomplishment or finality lineup of expectations that could generate the website and its content.

At the same time, the information content at the website can be open by third parties throughout Internet or other methods. Strapless Kite & Surf School, does nor warrant the privacy of communications that Users could make in respect of or though the present website. Users of this website confirm the knowledge of communications transmitted throughout public communications and not private, so Strapless Kite & Surf School will not have any responsibility for the inconvenience that can cause the access.



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The website and its contents, which include, among others, texts, images, brands, commercial names, logos,any-kind files, buttons, color combinations, and as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation its materials and contents, as well as all the software used necessarily in relation with the website, can contain confidential or protected information by the current Intelectual or Industrial Property Rights or by any other law.

By this way, except if the opposite is shown, Strapless Kite & Surf School, is owner and, in that case, Intelectual or Industrial Property Rights holder over the website contents, and every single elements created for the purpose, and does not consent any license or any kind of rights over the mentioned elements, except the one of consultation of the website. It is expressly forbidden any type of reproduction, total or partial, of any of the contents. It is at the same time forbidden to copy, modify, create a deviated work, invert the conception or the link or of any other kind of ways to try to get the font code, to sell, distribute, attribute, sublicense or transfreby any way all the right in reference to informatic softwares. Also, it is equally forbidden to modify the software or use modified versions of the software and, over all, when it is made ( without this enumeration been limitative) get a not authorized access to the service and access to the website by other source that the interface given by Strapless Kite & Surf School.

The User accept the brands exclusive rights and the rest of brands, commercial names and logos, and agree to the compromise of not making any use of the ones mentioned and, generally pointing, not to dismiss any Intelectual or Industrial Right of Strapless Kite & Surf School.

Strapless Kite & Surf School reserve its own right of taking as many legal actions as that consider necessary to claim lost and damages deviated of copying, total or partial, of any infraction or perturbation of its Intelectual, Industrial or any other kind Rights.

It is totally forbidden to transform, modify or use the contents without the previous written consent by Strapless Kite & Surf School.



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Cookies that we use cannot read data on User´s hard disk. In case that the User wish to cancel cookies generation, it is always able to select the correct option at his/her web browser.



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